Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator Xbox One Box Art
Hunting Simulator
GameFly Rating3.2
Xbox OneStrategy/Sim 07/10/2017

Very bad lol

This game is complete garbage. The graphics look like something you would see off a free internet game back in the late 90's. Unfortunately for hunting games in general, it's too much of a niche to try and appeal to the masses, which in turn means no real major developers are going to take time to flesh out a real decent hunting game. Make it too realistic and it's a stealth shooter with animals..make it too much like an arcade and you got CoD with animals. On normal this game falls somewhere between those two distinctions as it's not completely over the top with the hordes of animals, yet by no means was I taking forever to find animals. It was more of a "walk over this hill, see deer, raise gun, and shoot. Rinse and repeat." Very dull. Didn't try it on the harder difficulties, but I would doubt it would offer more challenge. My own take home lesson is stop trying to give hunting games a try..
By 72Merc
Reviewed on 08/19/2017