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Opinion: Could Sprked be the answer to the paid mods issue?

I recently wrote an opinion piece in which I discussed Valve’s attempts to introduce paid mods to Steam and outlined potential solutions for making paid mods work. The piece only covered a ...a day ago

Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Batgirl story on July 14

There are still a large number of Batman: Arkham Knight players that are running through that game's main story, but the story is about to expand just a little more. Warner Bros. is preparing to issue...a day ago

Top Games of 2015 (So Far): Steve Watts

We're halfway through 2015, so the Shacknews staff has been sharing what we've affectionately nicknamed our "GOTMYs"--Games of the Mid-Year. This year will be top-loaded with big releases in the fall,...a day ago

What to Love about Batman: Arkham Knight

WARNING: Between the poorly optimized PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight, the tiresome Batmobile gameplay, and some pretty major plot issues, we've been pretty hard on Batman. It's ok, he can ta...2 days ago

Insomniac founder discusses Edge of Nowhere and the move to virtual reality

One of the most surprising items to emerge from Oculus' E3 2015 presentation (aside from its collaboration with Microsoft) was a VR project being led by the folks at Insomniac Games. Edge of Nowhere t...2 days ago

XCOM 2 lead producer discusses what happened to Central Officer Bradford

Those that have played through the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown may be curious to know what happened to one of the game's central characters. What happened to Central Office Bradford, who helped crea...2 days ago

'Red Ash' Looks like the Mega Man Legends Sequel We Never Got

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's new studio dropped a trailer today, which seems not-at-all-subtly reminiscent of Mega Man Legends.The game is titled Red Ash. The brief concept trailer just shows...2 days ago

Top Games of 2015 (So Far): Ozzie Mejia

With the year half-finished, it's time to look back at the first six months of 2015 and gather together the five best games to emerge from it so far. To start off, I'll offer up a disclaimer. I have n...2 days ago

Capsule Force unleashes anime warfare on July 23

The fight for the future is about to begin, as four players enter the whacked-out distant future... of 1999. That's the premise for Capsule Force, a new anime-inspired, arcade-style multiplayer game f...2 days ago

Rainbow Six Siege looks for the best of the best with the 'Siege Games'

As pointed out during our hands-on at E3 2015, it takes a particular set of skills and a whole lot of teamwork to survive in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Even the developers themselves tend to have...2 days ago

Broforce July update flexes its muscles

America celebrates its independence this weekend. And just like last year, there's no better way to celebrate that independence than with heavy firearms and freedom, courtesy of Broforce.The latest Br...2 days ago

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls introduces us to the Warriors of Hope

NIS America has released a new trailer and screenshots for its upcoming Vita game, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which show off more of the game as well as introducing us to the Wa...2 days ago

Xbox One and 360 games will receive deep discounts starting next week

Microsoft will be bringing back its Xbox Ultimate Game Sale next week, offering a large number of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games at a deep discount.A teaser video for the sale was published by Major Nels...2 days ago

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max trailer rides its trusty steed

If anyone needs a reminder of how much of a news overload E3 is every year, it took less than a day for everyone to forget this image:Remember that? That was a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn. Ubi...2 days ago

Fallout Shelter Android 'should be out' in August

The Android version of Fallout Shelter was said to be “a few months” away from release according to Bethesda, but according its marketing executive Pete Hines, we should be expecting its r...2 days ago

Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay videos and info leak from closed alpha

EA and DICE announced Star Wars: Battlefront’s closed alpha were open a few weeks ago, and it appears they’ve opened the floodgates as both videos and new details surrounding the game have...2 days ago

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC lineup for July announced

Capcom has announced its free DLC pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for July, which doesn’t appear to have any cross-over content like previous packs, but there’s still a number of w...2 days ago

Report: Nintendo NX expected to launch in July 2016

The Nintendo NX may be coming much sooner than most previously anticipated as a report claims Nintendo’s next video game console will be released some time in July 2016.The report cites sources ...2 days ago

Battle Fantasia -Revised Edition- heats up on PC next week

Arc System Works has been recognized for bringing out some of the best anime fighting games, like the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. Now the publisher is looking to get a little more niche by releas...3 days ago

Team Fortress 2 begins its three-month Gun Mettle Campaign tomorrow

Team Fortress 2 has been introducing free updates for nearly a decade, but now Valve is about to try something a little bit different. A new update called the Gun Mettle Campaign is going to introduce...3 days ago