Switch-Exclusive RPG From Square Enix, Project Octopath Traveler, Now Has A Free Demo

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Try out the new RPG from the Bravely Default team today.
September 14 2017 by Chris Pereira

Among the games to be featured during today's Nintendo Direct is the new RPG from Square Enix, which has the working (and somewhat ridiculous) title Project Octopath Traveler. First announced earlier this year, today's presentation provided us with some more details about the game, which is in development by the same team responsible for Bravely Default.

The gorgeous-looking RPG features eight different playable characters, each with a distinct playstyle. The Direct showcased some of these, including Warrior and Dancer, while also highlighting some combat. Nintendo also teased that an extended trailer is on the way, which you can watch above.

Visually, it looks great, using what the devs call "HD-2D" graphics. But you won't have to settle for watching it in a livestream. Nintendo revealed that a demo for the game arrives on the Eshop today, giving you the opportunity to get a feel for it yourself. The full game will have a simultaneous worldwide release date at some point in 2018.

You can catch up on today's Nintendo Direct announcements with our roundup of all the news and trailers. The demo is one of several new things 3DS and Switch owners have to download after the event.